A simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ UPDATE


It’s been a while since some of our members first collaboratively produced RITB’s satirical ‘Simple guide to avoid getting a diagnosis of personality disorder’ leaflet.

The response has been incredibly encouraging. Many people have been in touch to say how much the ‘instructions’ resonated with them. In addition, it was  also featured in the March 2016 Clinical Psychology Forum magazine.

It seemed to make such an impact it was even nominated for the 2016 Clinical Psychology Forum Award.

In spite of this overwhelmingly positive response, there was also some confusion around the satirical nature of the guide. To clarify, the statements made in the guide are all from people’s lived experience of being diagnosed and ‘treated’ in the system for ‘PD’. The sometimes sarcastic tone of the guide conveys our anger at our treatment within the system and the nonsensical and enraging, circular reasoning we find ourselves the objects of. We want to stress that we are NOT making fun of people with a diagnosis of ‘PD’. We ARE people with a diagnosis of ‘PD’….and we are oppressed by the use of this label. We produce stuff like this because we feel we have no other way of making our voices heard. Please do not write it off as ‘a bunch of angry PDs sounding off’. If you read between the lines of this leaflet you will see the pain and suffering that this label has caused us.

Recoveryingthebin’s ‘Simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of personality disorder’


We hope to produce more material like this leaflet in the future. If you’d like to collaborate with us please get in touch: personalitydisorderinthebin@gmail.com



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